A gift to yourself. And to someone who may always be grateful that because of you, you found one another.

If you've decided to become a Concerned Singles member, we thank you and extend all the promise that membership holds. You are about to enjoy the company of some very special people. Enjoy your journey as well as the destination. As always, keep in touch; we would love to hear about your Concerned Singles experience.

At right is our membership form. The information you provide is, and will remain, completely private. The sharing part is left to you, in the form of your profile. Include it now as part of your membership application or if you wish, compose it separately and send it to us later, whichever is more convenient.

Payment options.

Once your application is completed, click the Submit button and you'll arrive at the next page, which will verify that your application has been received and provide you with a link to pay for your membership online. (New membership is $129 per year; renewal is $94.) If you prefer, a printable PDF application with mail-in payment option is available here. As soon as we receive your application and payment, we'll send you your unique profile code. Then you're on your way, free to discover all that awaits.

Remember, we're always close by. For any questions you may have, or if you'd like to pay by phone, call us any time at (413)243-4350. For additional contact information, go here.

About your profile.

It may not seem entirely possible at the outset, but sixty words is all you need to create just the right glimpse of who you are. Here we discover one another from the inside out and your words, just your words, are a wonderful place to start. The best profiles come from a relaxed and sincere place, so if it feels right, then it is. Profiles also evolve and change as you gain feedback from other members' replies.

For a few suggestions on profile creation, click here.