Some helpful info.

Below are some questions that are common among members. But always know we are as close as a telephone or email and would be delighted to help.

CS membership.

A one-year membership is $129. A renewal is $94. You can join by phone, by mail, or online. Credit cards are accepted.

The art of writing a great profile.

You can do wonders with sixty words. Concerned Singles is filled with very bright, very aware members who already know something important about you. So relax, you're among others who care, who understand, who are going to get you. If there are any butterflies, here's a bit of wisdom about profiles we've accumulated over the years. When it comes to making choices, people love things they can use to make distinctions. So this is no time to be hiding your uniqueness. Take that wonderful leap of faith and refresh us with your candor, your passion, your unique take on anything that matters. Surprise someone with your vulnerability. Tell it like it is. Other members will get it and respond in kind.

Some members create their profile offline so they can fuss over it, get feedback from others, or simply have it on file. For encouragement, browse some of our love stories.

How do I correspond with other members?

Each Concerned Singles member has a unique code, which is displayed in the upper left corner of their profile. The code is also a link to our Initial Message page. It is here that your first message to someone of interest is entered and sent. Concerned Singles then forwards all initial messages to the proper recipient. Any and all replies come to you directly from that recipient, along with their email (or in some cases postal) address. Your reply can then be direct as well.

How do I reply to someone who has made the first move?

Because you are provided their address (usually email), you can respond directly to any member who has had a message forwarded to you. If you're not interested in pursuing a particular correspondence, we suggest a polite "thanks-but-no thanks" note.

Should I write to someone who doesn't live nearby?

It's always completely up to you. But you might be very surprised at just how many very happy couples started out far away geographically. It has led to some great adventures.To read some of their stories go here.

Do you keep my contact information confidential?

Your contact information is kept in the strictest confidence. We do not publish it, nor do we ever share our mailing list.

Other questions?

Please feel free to call us at 413-243-4350 or email