After more than thirty years we've
learned something vital about love.

Welcome. If it's your first visit to Concerned Singles you'll notice a difference between us and other social or dating sites. Not a grid of photographs for miles. There's nothing wrong with pictures, but it's a difference that is no accident. After thirty years and a long parade of genuinely happy endings, we've become certain our unique approach holds special promise for all those seeking real love. For a better sense of why, it helps to begin with a wonderfully telling quality of love.

The kind of love that all of us are looking for, the kind that stays and grows more beautiful with time, can't be "found." Because among its other unique qualities, love is also what we call an "emergent response," appearing only after a special set of conditions are present. Only when the ground is fertile and there is enough rain do the blossoms appear. For us, those special conditions all stem from one vital seed: someone who cares. A simple concept to be sure, but for all its necessity in matters of the heart, it isn't as universal as it might be. It requires a special awareness and even holds a bit of risk.

Real caring means giving before getting; it means understanding the difference one can make to a world, to a cause, to someone's happiness, and realizing its origin doesn't lie outside ourselves but within. Caring is what love looks like when it wanders among us.

Because it's such an incredibly accurate signal for a couple's success, the "Concerned" part of Concerned Singles performs a valuable act. It gently sorts out those who might not be so inclined to sign up for the risk or the responsibility of caring. It creates a safe haven for all those who do; a vital common denominator that every member can rest upon and open themselves to others, knowing they are about to meet someone who "gets it." Someone who is going to care about the world and its many injustices and unfulfilled promise, but also about what your favorite color is or whether you're warm enough at night.

It's this subtle but profound atmosphere of caring that makes Concerned Singles both different and exceptional.

And so it isn't Glamorous Singles or Ingenious Singles but Concerned Singles.
The caring ones.

If you care, stay here. Become a member and flourish among others who do the same. Find your one to care together.

To become a member, begin here.

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