F-15713-CO Email or Postal Open-hearted, spirited woman with red hair, blue eyes, and the fire to go with them. Former English professor, now professional writer. Faves: uproarious laughter, Colorado snowstorms, stories (reading, writing, telling), live music, good food (out or in), cocktails, hiking, learning French, traveling, dancing. Widow, 60, ready to dip a toe in again for friendship, fun, maybe more.
F-15712-MA Email or Postal Passionate and engaged 61-year-old woman, working as attorney with renewable energy/social mission firm and serving on board of local land trust. Healthy and fit, love outdoor activities, arts, good food. Avid reader, mostly classic lit, recently Du Bois. Philosopher’s daughter so comfortable not knowing (any?) answers. British mom, so drink lots of brewed tea. Pretty good at ping pong.
F-15711-OH Email or Postal Born the day after WWII, retired French teacher, easygoing, serious, funny. Progressive (ran for office 5X), resilient (lost 5X). Enjoy most music, reading, theater, movies (drama, romantic comedy, never horror). Love dancing and walks in interesting places. Vegan for the health of animals, the planet, and me. Would like to meet like-minded guy with whom to converse and/or cook.
F-15710-CA Email Only Quiet, spirited 66-year-old, tall, bright, Black woman. (I have three adult children.) I'm a mix of an introvert with a good dash of extroversion. I like reading, traveling, the theatre, cooking together, and adventure. I'm kind, engaging, and will retire soon from higher ed. Seeking an insightful, warm, sincere star, a sparkle of wit and fun.
F-15709-MA Email or Postal Helluva time to be seeking succor. Solitary baby boomer left of Sanders seeks both Northeast coastal living situation and platonic association with potential for commitment to include last chapter contingencies. Decent, ethical, talented, attractive, trained / uncredentialed aesthete, disappointed in love. Primary interest: bios theoretikos. Serious inquiries only.
F-15708-CA Email or Postal Attractive retired teacher, 68 (look much younger), healthy and active. I am warmhearted, genuine, affectionate, easygoing, have a sense of humor and am hard-working. I prefer a rural life with pets, books, healthy cooking, kayaking, gardening and growing food, hiking and traveling. I am seeking a playful, compassionate best friend to share life with full-hearted love to carry us through!
F-15707-MA Email or Postal 75, artist and woodworker, retired tech writer, lover of life, sky-gazer, lover of singing and dancing, (so-so at both), curious reader, kind, generous, love to laugh, devoted family member and friend, yoga practitioner, nonsmoker, wide musical interests, nonrabid lefty, inquisitive, physically active, open-minded. Love working on woodcarving, going to concerts and dance performances and discussions with a like-minded friend.
F-15706-MA Email or Postal I am a meditation teacher and social activist, born in 1949, used to living a meaningful, rich life. I have published fiction and nonfiction and blog regularly. Peacemaking work has brought me to Israel / Palestine, Colombia, Balkans, Rwanda, and Lakota in South Dakota. I live in Massachusetts, am healthy, and love to laugh.
F-15703-NY Email or Postal Attractive, petite Jewish woman, 70-ish, very active, healthy, still working as a psychotherapist. Warm, friendly, good sense of humor, romantic. Upset about the direction this country has been going in for a long time. Mother of wonderful 28-year-old son who says I have inspired him to be politically active. Involved in a loving, warm, intellectual, musical synagogue. Seeking a compatible man for friendship and love.
F-15702-FL Email or Postal Young at heart, 62, looking for my last great love. Reader, writer, singer. Like hikes in the woods, movies, restaurants. Have one old sweet dog, no children. Open to relocating, children, grandchildren, community. Open-minded, liberal; want to be with same. You: lover of art, music and, most importantly, kind and thoughtful; dependable, capable of devoted friendship. Love old-fashioned letters over email but will respond either way.
F-15700-NY Email or Postal 61, psychiatric nurse, worked in a refugee center in Costa Rica. Strong interest in social policy, international development, indie film / theater, history / biography. Attend Jewish religious services; open to other beliefs. Unusually tolerant and compassionate. Seek friendship and/or correspondence and/or romantic relationship with someone of either gender who believes purpose of life is to make the world a better place.
F-15699-MA Email or Postal Trying to find my way in this new world. Lots left to learn. I am a 63-year-old semi-retired therapist. I enjoy music, painting, swimming, making meals, and enjoying the company of other like-minded people.
F-15697-TN Email od Postal Large-figured, 37-year-old female pansexual artist, poet with liberal arts bachelors degree. Loves waterfall walks, birds, lapping in a pool, cooking, and quotidian home life, yet dreams of more travel or even a van life situation. Not career seeking. Imagines melding lives with someone who doesn’t mind my small disability income. Kind of Quaker. Has pets.
F-15696-FL/NY Email Only Still crazy after all these years – just ask my kids. Retired human rights lawyer, longtime activist, looking for someone to share life’s pleasures and struggles. Compassionate, cosmopolitan, adaptable, and passionate about social justice. Just turned 72, but look and act much younger. Plus I have a great smile. Into swimming, biking, cinema, music, dogs, horses, and people.
F-15693-MA Email or Postal A cheerful companion, I enjoy swimming indoors or out, listening to music in cafes and concert halls, exploring new places, walking in nature. Worked teaching ESL, then as a progressive pastor. Semiretirement now offers time for pleasures: reading, movies, gardening, travel. Divorced (2012). Three adult children, four grandchildren. Liking both quiet and conversation, I’m eager to share ideas, laughter, and affection.
F-15692-NY Email or Postal Youthful-looking sensual intellectual seeks active man seventy plus interested in art, classical music, literature, and politics. I am a polyglot literary translator with MA in psychology and am good at cooking and massage. Live in NYC.
F-15691-FL Email or Postal Single woman, mid-40s, mostly plant-based diet, progressive. I'm looking for a partner to travel with, who is politically engaged and who loves pets. I am kind and have a good sense of humor and am looking for same.
F-15689-PA Email or Postal Retired linguist teacher, active, healthy, 72; I favor environmental, social justice issues; thinking of relocating. I swim regularly, read daily, garden joyfully, cook creatively, laugh happily, learn eclectically. Diet-wise, I’m flexitarian (just learned the term!). Spiritually, I favor meditation, UU community. I value exercising, playing, working, relaxing. Looking for an open-minded someone to share life’s many gentle joys.
F-15688-CA Email or Postal Retired educator, seeks traveling partner with valid passport and sense of adventure. Me: healthy, fit, petite, black, early 60s, outgoing but shy, grandmother soon. Interests/hobbies: political news, music, cooking, walking, travel. Likes: books, Netflix, PBS, gardening, camping, cities, dancing, hazelnut coffee, activism. You: tall, 50s-60s similar interests, attracted to black WOC.
F-15685-CT Email Only Writer/activist, 66, ready to attract soulmate, happy to meet quality friends too. Run small nonprofit dealing with climate and sustainability; find time to swim distance, cycle, grow food, and cook. Social yet self-sufficient. Occasionally funny, sometimes courageous. Love music, culture, all things creative. Manage my 97-year-old mother's care. Looking for co-conspirator to make cool things happen.
F-15684-MA Email Only Kind, warm, attractive, fun, intelligent, stable, well-read, lively. Moved by many aspects of nature; involved in issues of social welfare, social justice. Would like to meet smart, loving, caring, energetic, accomplished, honorable man. It would be nice if he has children or grandchildren. I have traveled extensively; would like to travel more. Live in the Boston area where I work part-time as a child psychologist.
F-15681-CT Email or Postal 63 years old, SF, secular Jew, atheist. Lost life partner six years ago. Ready to move on. Child of the '60s. Health care professional teaching in a community college. Committed to social justice. Hobbies include knitting, theater, worrying about Trump. NS. Looking for friend and life partner. Willing to consider long distance.
F-15680-NY Email Only Part-time practicing 70-year-old alternative healthcare professional in the Berkshire Taconic region. A romantic at heart, my favorite activities are taking walks, ballroom dancing (I'm 5'6"), music making, painting, mostly nonfiction reading, theater, and concerts. Would be fun to share interests in a loving friendship. NS. ND. Purposely low tech. Appreciate nature and quiet times. Deep concern for country and globe.
F-15677-NC Email Only Asheville has been my beloved home for 35 years; I'm Jewish, Harvard grad, retired from teaching at community college. Fitness and health are important; love yoga, walking. Not really looking for life partner, just someone to have fun, maybe cuddle with; could change my mind. Enjoy biking, hiking, music, food, movies. True passions: gardening, singing. My grown children, little grands are important to me.
F-15673-VT Email Only Forever young 61! Interests include joyfulness, spiritual and intellectual satisfaction, curiosity, exploration, deep conversations, holding hands, sensuality, yoga, laughter, optimism, mindfulness, possibilities, my children, dancing, animals, music, theatre, education, and myself. Similar interests perhaps? Qualities: sincere, honest, kind, compassionate, generous, loyal, thoughtful, intelligent, well educated, loving, attractive, and pretty. I seek a similar soul. Ready for me? Shall we communicate?
F-15672-MA Email Only Brooklyn born, Boston based, family in Denver. Psychologist, popular culture professor with lifelong history of social activism and engagement. Between political work, into hiking/yoga/biking, my golden retriever. Affectionate, funny, curious; engaged in spiritual and secular pursuits; huge film buff. Interested in relationship with active man with capacity for warmth, empathy, intimacy, strong commitment to social justice. Sense of humor also very welcome in these turbulent times!
F-15668-NY Email Only I would love to make you laugh. Life has taught me not to try to fit into some preconceived picture. The future can be a shared adventure. Let's take a risk. I'm a mother, grandmother, dancer, lawyer, and a pretty decent friend.
F-15666-PA Email or Postal Fit, fun-loving, and adventurous 67-year-old, working in academia. Loves travel and hiking in the woods as much as spending a day at a film festival or museum. Lifelong progressive and activist who is open to new ideas and trying new things. Interested in meeting someone to share any of the above and more.
F-15663-CA Email Only I have been referred to this site because I am an activist, most particularly an environmental activist who would like to relate to a man who is as well. For fun, I like to share hiking, swimming, dancing, massage, and intimacy. I have an eco-retreat center and certified organic farm in Maui. I have been a significant activist in both places.
F-15655-MA Email Only I love life: family and friends, being active and outdoors, travel, cooking, singing. I'm playful and committed. I laugh, and I meditate. I'm a passionate advocate for special needs children, so it follows that I want to work on climate and gun issues. A '60s social justice lefty, I'm happy, but I also deal well with life's challenges. Join me.
F-15652-MA Email Only Happily divorced active and healthy 60yo, seeks creative active companion. I enjoy music, political action, visual arts, travel, kayaking, dancing, hiking with my dogs, and a keen sense of humor. My three daughters are largely grown and I plan to continue to work in addiction medicine. I am open to new ideas and experiences and would like to share these with a like-minded individual.
F-15650-NJ Email or Postal Time for fun, time for music, time for movies. Lady geezer seeks counterpart for mutual benefit.
F-15649-ME Email or Postal Quintessential late bloomer, 68, tall, attractive, youthful college student / medical professional. I live off-grid on 19 acres… hike, garden, kayak, cut firewood, and love to share healthy food and soulful conversations by the woodstove. Passionate about social justice and the environment while joyfully engaged in life. Many other interests, too numerous to list. Unentangled and ready to love again.
F-15648-NY Email Only Compassionate and warm, curious and adventurous, born in the mid-1960s. Love gardening and experimenting with cuisines of the world. Enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures, landscapes, art, music, and history; yet also cherish quiet evenings at home over a good book or film and conversations with friends. Into many outdoor pursuits, especially running, hiking, cycling, and skiing.
F-15647-OH Email or Postal I’m an active, intelligent woman with many interests. Favorite hobby: metalworking. The outdoors, music, art, live theatre interest me. I’m looking for someone to enjoy life with! The right man will enjoy deep conversations as well as laughs. Let’s enjoy walking, kayaking, or a live concert with a great glass of wine. Diane Von Furstenberg said it best: Character. Intelligence. Strength. Style. That makes beauty.
F-15644-NJ Email Only Warm, affectionate, educated, spirited, happy woman, 71. Seek a shared half-full-glass attitude, kindness, humor to survive the insults of aging, liberal political views, altruism, a life of the mind, love of language and music. You may be retired but not from an active life, crave and know how to build and sustain a deep connection to go together til the wheels fall off.
F-15642-NY Email Only Dedicated 68-year-old practicing alternative healthcare professional. A romantic at heart, my hobbies are in dancing, arts and music, walks, attending cultural events. Hoping to share an easygoing friendship with a gentleman experienced in ballroom dancing, to enjoy Berkshire / Chatham dance venues. I'm 5'7", 137#. Alcohol and cigarettes are not a part of my life.
F-15640-CANADA Email Only Semiretired female psychotherapist, former academic, energetic 66. Enjoying seaside life on Canada’s east coast, kayaking, sailing, hiking. Love jazz, folk, and classical music, good films, literature, fine wine with friends. More travel adventures wanted. Support social justice issues, interest in world political scene. Looking for male to share life experiences, adventures. Willing to relocate.
F-15639-NJ Email or Postal Smart, fun woman, 60, looking for companionship and love. Librarian, reader, writer, lover of intellectual and artistic pursuits. Enjoy art, music, theatre, and brunch. Love the NYTimes, John Oliver, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and PBS Masterpiece Theatre. One beautiful dog, no children. New to the East Coast, eager to explore.
F-15638-AZ Email Only Blue-eyed blonde, 62, 5’5”, 137#, all original parts, seeks active man, 55-70, with heart, brain, and funny bone intact. Avid golfer, hiker, and dog-lover, proficient but rusty tennis player, equestrian, sailor. Love to cook, eat, travel, explore. Democrat with active interest in politics / world affairs. Looking to share spirited conversation, laughs, and fun times with a good, fit, nonsmoking man.
F-15637-CANADA Email or Postal Youthful, attractive DWF in her seventies, slim, fit, and healthy, 5'6", of Scandinavian heritage. University educated, passionate, affectionate, warm and gentle with a good sense of humour. Financially independent. Interests: Classical music and jazz, literature, art, nature, walking, biking, and travelling to Europe. Looking for an educated, caring SWM 60-75 with compatible interests and qualities to share love and laughter.
F-15636-MA Email or Postal My greatest passion in life is nature. I find fulfillment in painting landscapes and being outdoors in any season. Spending time with family and friends is very important to me. I love traveling, theater, concerts, restaurants, reading, good movies, cooking with fresh ingredients (organic whenever possible). I am spiritual and in very good health. Seeking a compassionate man who hopefully has a sense of humor.
F-15635-CA Email Only Actively engaged socially, physically, academically, professionally. Committed to relish every moment. I'm 72, 5'5", attractive, blessed with good health. I bicycle, jog, hike, and play tennis. I travel for conferences and talks and to visit family. Seeking an active person of similar age to share intimacy and stories, for mutual support and partnership.
F-15633-NY Email or Postal Highly sensitive, sensual, empathic, unconventional, creative, playful, DWF, 60, 5'7". Prefer living close to nature, barefoot, off the grid. Study, practice, teach a modern macrobiotic lifestyle including daily yoga and personal rituals. Love to occasionally dress up; enjoy good music, art shows, eating out, movies, swimming, gentle walks, sewing, NPR. Daughter, grandboy, friends, loving and being loved and treasured are priorities.
F-15632-PA Email or Postal Fit, fun-loving, and adventurous 65-year-old, working in academia. Loves travel and hiking in the woods as much as spending a day at a film festival or museum. Lifelong progressive and activist who is open to new ideas and trying new things. Interested in meeting someone to share any of the above and more.
F-15628-VA Email or Postal SWF Artist, 56. I've been in the movement all my life. Want a partner with a deep understanding of what's going on so we can move on to the laughter part. My motto: “Being happy is the best revenge.”
F-15627-MA Email or Postal Petite artist, writer, musician, qigong teacher, 70, in love with the natural world. I believe my “jobs” are to call attention to nature's beauty, and to be loving and kind, to everyone, from my kids to cashiers. I am energetic, caring, communicative, thought-filled, and passionate about our beautiful planet. You too? Let’s share our thoughts and adventures.
F-15624-NY Email or Postal Where my “great gladness meets the world’s need” is pursuing environmental and climate justice ministry. UU seminarian, 61: religious naturalism, lovingkindness, pluralism. Are you the kind, supportive, curious partner I seek for journey of mind, body, and soul? Community engagement? Performing arts, classical, jazz, films, walks, hikes, gardening. Missing joy, laughter of swing, Latin dance floor. Empty nested, relocation friendly.
F-15623-VT Email or Postal Liberal clergywoman, environmentalist, author, pastor, 68, open-minded about spirituality, broadly traveled. Love life in NYC and now Vermont. Seeks to meet spirited man, physically fit, emotionally secure; with sense of humor. He will hopefully care about justice in the world and strives to make a positive difference for others. Values include fun, loyalty, learning, reading, art, family, friends, and sincerity.
F-15618-CA Email or Postal Lovable Leftie. Cornel West says “Justice is what love looks like in public. Justice becomes a fire inside of you.” I’ve been in the movement since forever, now at 67 doing education justice and anti-racist work. At the end of a busy day, I want to come home to a partner to share the craziness of this world and to help make life hopeful, comforting and fun!
F-15616-NJ Email or Postal Warm, kind, funny, honest, attractive, passionate, and intellectually beyond-curious woman, 57, seeks man who shares these traits and interest in travel, people, books, the outdoors.
F-15611-CT Email Only Just turned 65 and I'm not done yet. Far from it. Active, tall, swimmer and successful designer. Widowed. Part time writer. Good reader. Regular meditator. Love good food and wine, enthusiastic cook. Bit of a homebody, in city or country. Thinking a lot about where I want to be in the next few years. It better have a kayak.
F-15609-FL Email or Postal Youthful, tall, slim (nice bod), fit, intelligent, compassionate, fun-to-be-with retired mental health professional looking forward to love again. Politically proactive progressive, even more passionate about social issues since inauguration, environmentally conscious. Quaker / eclectically spiritual / metaphysical. Loving life: books, walks, hikes, exercise, meditation, volunteering, nature, arts, grandkids, conversation, film, dining. Lived in Europe; continue exploring our world. 70-ish. D.
F-15608-MA Email or Postal Compassionate cosmopolitan, lover of arts, nature, music, documentary film and photography, and some day, you. Scholar / teacher engaged with human rights and social justice, turning 64, transitioning to retirement, wishes to share life's simple pleasures and cultivate new interests with beloved. Sociable introvert, resilient single parent, great cook, inveterate gardener, appreciates both city and countryside. Ties to France, central Europe, New Zealand, India. Adaptable, relocatable.
F-15607-NY Email Only Artistic director of a successful theatre company in NYC beginning a new chapter of a remarkable life. Seeking kind, gentle, smart, politically radical man who needs art, a great laugh, to be a part of the ongoing imaginative repair of the world.
F-15606-NY Email or Postal SBF, 58, but look and act much younger. Active lifestyle and open to new experiences. Love all kinds of music, dancing, spicy food, and good conversation. Enjoy the outdoors, walking / hiking, swimming, and games. Recent empty nester, and looking to travel a little. Distance is not an issue.
F-15605-NY Email or Postal Country gal / city lady, warm brunette 61 (5'3" size 10) former bilingual educator, emerging artist. Enjoys people, pets, the arts, ocean strolls, ice skating, bicycle, ice cream. Seeks a man who makes lemonade when life gives lemons and makes hay while the sun shines. Let's make life sweeter together and together celebramos la vida!
F-15603-NY Email or Postal I'm an enthusiastic, adventurous 59-year-old Jewish female. I work in the mental health field and am a serious photographer. I practice Buddhism in the Soto Zen tradition. I enjoy socializing, biking, Scrabble, cinema, art, and travel. I am looking for someone who is compassionate, spiritual, open-minded and loving; who cares about the state of the nation and world.
F-15602-MA Email or Postal I'm looking forward to having fun, feeling close, sharing adventures, thinking and talking about ideas, laughing, figuring things out, exploring the world and doing all sorts of things together. I'm 66, divorced, close to my two wonderful adult children, active and fit, still trying to make the world a better place.
F-15601-NY Email Only WWF, 57, small business owner, gym rat, and, time permitting, world traveler. Love city life including films, museums, restaurants. Also on short list: staying in with a good book, (especially literary fiction), a good home-cooked meal with friends or family, Sunday morning with the NYTimes, walking my dog. Seeking companion who enjoys at least some of the same plus good, wide-ranging conversation about politics, life.
F-15598-MD, NY Email Only 68-year-old longtime activist does social justice through organizing, writing (nonfiction, plays, screenplays), and performing. Works hard but is sooo ready for some peaceful time and fun time and is good at it! Love my family, close friends, learning new things.
F-15597-NY Email or Postal 57-year-old psychiatric nurse in state hospital; formerly caseworker. Studied, worked in refugee center in Costa Rica. Strong interest in social policy, international development, indie film / theater, history / biography. Attend religious services; open to other beliefs. Give too much to charities / causes. Unusually tolerant, compassionate. Seek friendship, correspondence, romantic relationship with someone who believes purpose of life is to make the world a better place.
F-15596-NY Email Only Playful, passionate widow, 67. Thrive on wit, irony, and banter. I strive to bring my best, whole-hearted self to my work as a psychologist. Enjoy taking photos of industrial grunge and cooking comfort food for loved ones while dancing to Motown. Seeking warm, expressive mensch who roots for the underdog, does the right thing, and finds joy in the mundane.
F-15594-MA Email or Postal Recently joined the "Hurrah, I'm 60!" club. Left my vice dean job at graduate level conservatory for filmmakers in Los Angeles and moved to Williamstown, Mass. Best decision ever! I am happy in the country. Things I love: travel, theatre, hiking, biking, horses, dogs, fall, snow, rain (weather in general), reading, and fireplaces. Things I hate: guns, selfishness, Trump.
F-15592-MA Email Only Mature woman (not old!). Work hard (at least 40 hours weekly); love what I do. Divorced almost 5 years; recently moved back to New England after 12-1/2 years in Dubai, 3-1/2 years in S. Florida. Happy with quiet times reading as well as being around friends and family. Special interest in staying fit with outdoor activities whenever possible. Hope to connect with likeminded man.
F-15590-NY Email or Postal I am a retired school psychologist who lives in Brooklyn, New York. I enjoy singing in a chorus, yoga, salsa dancing, and playing bridge. I have been active in many political causes and consider myself a socialist. Age 72. I am looking for companionship and new adventures.
F-15589-ME Email or Postal Not ready to give up on Love! Take a chance: write me, and see if we can make magic! I'm an attractive, smart, funny writer, 73. Wanting to share progressive politics, far-flung travel, favorite films and authors, lazy Sundays in bed, multiple kisses, inspired cooking, belly laughs, and rainy days hiding love notes around the house.
F-15587-CT Email or Postal 49-year-old DWJF nonprofit professional, mother of two amazing boys ages 11 and 10. Love movies, beach walks, exploring new cities and cultures, reading the Sunday newspaper on the floor, singing '80s tunes, and live music. I am compassionate, intuitive, loyal, and hardworking. Seeking funloving man who ideally is also a parent, a great listener, and wants to make the world a better place.
F-15584-NY Email or Postal Energetic, fit, attractive, curious professional woman, 61, proud mother of two fine young men. Yoga, running, ethnic foods, non fiction, music, nature, and the perfect martini bring me pleasure. I am warm, passionate, and love to laugh. Enjoy learning about other cultures, spirituality, and plan to learn French and finally travel to Paris with that someone special - maybe you?
F-15580-CA Email or Postal Just retired high school teacher, 69, at turning point of life. Bicoastal, returning to East Coast from SoCal; leaving soon for two-month European pilgrimage. Trilingual, nature and animal lover, pianist, dancing, languages, reading, and meditation. Two adult daughters. Drawn to the arts and things foreign and ethnic. No TV. Love creating adventures and seek to create more with sensitive companion.
F-15577-CA Email or Postal Active, ethnic, single, attractive, 47 (look spectacular for my age!). Love the outdoors (for example, kayaking, skiing, some hiking, camping), animals, the ocean - which I live near. Former activist, then intellectual, now more down-to-earth with same interests. Warm, kind, compassionate, and great company. Seeking honesty, good listener, considerate guy for companionship and more. Let's have a great conversation!
F-15576-MA Email Only Nature-loving youthful 51 years young businesswoman seeking life partner. Laughing, reading, hiking, kayaking, gardening, traveling, and dancing with one another in the kitchen - all sound good to me. Attractive, fit, good figure, open-minded, conservatively liberal. Genuine, loyal, affectionate, and good listener. The glass is half full for me.
F-15574-CT Email or Postal Health care ethicist and spiritual counselor, 62, serving veterans, the elderly, and rehabilitation patients. Mother of adult daughter. Introspective, but meet people easily. Sensitive, warm, funny. Love walking in NYC; most kinds of live music. Thrive on conversation and humor. In search of friend and partner to share joys and trials of life. Value connection most. Desire to know and be known.
F-15573-NY Email Only Warm, intelligent, educated, fit and attractive 50+. Poet and author. NYC. My loves: passionate conversation; books and movies; dancing with friends to rock 'n roll; good laughs; helping others; adventures in travel; writing; hiking in a cathedral of trees; the ocean. My values: tolerance, compassion, and honesty; sharing from the heart. Let's email and get to know each other better.
F-15569-OR Email or Postal Introspective urban psychotherapist, 67, longs for a 360-degree view of wildlife with time to reflect, talk, read, write, work, bike, and adventure. A socially responsible startup company (online and mobile) may sync your passions with mine. These days, love has a new meaning as spiritual partnership, commitment, accountability, and magic. Not afraid to dream and repurpose. What about you?
F-15566-MA Postal Only SBF, age 42, with a great sense of humor; medium build, educated, spiritual, a good heart, and like to be affectionate. Love travel, positive music and movies, dancing, also fine dining (spicy food). Impassionate, compassionate, and family oriented. I have a wonderful 19-year-old son who is easy to get along with.
F-15564-IA Email or Postal A young 60, woman professor / writer / adventurer looking for a companion to share home bases and faraway places. I'm even-tempered, amiable, curious about everything, far left. Good conversation, good reading, good walking, solid politics go a long way toward making a life worth living. Let's write, let's talk, and we'll see!
F-15563-WA Email Only Easygoing writer in mid-50s. Politically progressive and open-minded with a healthy sense of irreverence. Interested in ideas, history, arts, and culture. Dedicated amateur musician. Enjoy the natural world and exploring new places, particularly on foot, bicycle, or cross-country skis. Seeking an unpretentious, compatible man with a sense of humor who is well informed and an original thinker.
F-15562-NY Email Only I am a vivacious women in her early 70s who is spiritually motivated to understand the depth and privilege of being a human being. A good listener and conversationalist, as well as being open and interested in new experiences. To me a partner is someone sensitive, open, and eager to share whatever comes our way.
F-15560-MA Email or Postal Woman of 46 has great love of nature, organized labor, books, and friendships. I'm rooted in my community in Massachusetts, having found my dream job in the labor movement. Seeking deep connection with likeminded man for great conversation, walks in the woods, shared pleasures. I'm an active woman of size and substance. Age or race of no importance, but lack of pretension is.
F-15559-KY Email or Postal I'm attached to my little bit of Kentucky paradise, and would love to share it with a likeminded nature / animal lover. I love cities, too, and like to dress up for cultural nights out.  Smart, strong, eclectic; love music, adventurous, traveler. Caring, loving partner wanted.  Social justice / politically active, adventurous. Tell me about you! Can't wait to meet!
F-15556-NJ Email Only I'm an adventurous woman, interested in revolutionary politics, the arts, especially film, literature, dance, and music. I'm looking for a male friend I can be close to with some continuity. I'm a psychotherapist and I'm trying to write about theory. Hard work but exhilarating. I'm an activist videographer. I have two cats I love and cuddle with.
F-15555-NY Email Only Shepherdess with a PhD. My heritage is Mediterranean and Ashkenaz. Was once an independent theater producer / director in Paris, then a high school teacher in New Mexico. Two magnificent adult sons live and work in NYC. I currently reside in paradise upstate NY, producing healthy food for family and friends. The future is wide open; let's script it together. A nonsmoking, drug-free 61-year-old Maillol.
F-15553-NY Email or Postal Me: proud daughter of the working class. Graduated UCBerkeley 1970 and school of hard knocks. Turned typing skill into software career. Independent thinker, strong, but tender-hearted and loyal. Love people, love learning, and love laughing. You: honest, approachable, humble, warm, compassionate, intelligent, with lots of living yet to do. Us: companions, lovers, friends. Our relationship: thrilling, loving, calm.
F-15545-MA Email Only Actively engaged socially, personally, physically, professionally. Committed to relish every moment. I'm 70, 5'5", attractive, blessed with good health. I bicycle, jog, hike, and snowshoe. I travel across continents to visit my kids, attend meetings, and spend time with fellow activists. I want to share stories and intimacy with a loved one. Is your sense of the good life compatible?
F-15542-CANADA Email Only (Montreal) Intense, subversive, petite, Ph.D., 52, Jewish, vegetarian, seeking man to play, laugh, sing, intimate connection; a match filled with wonder and passion. Wonderful if he came to care about me; essential that he cares about others. Comfortable in world of ideas, alive in his own skin, knows himself really well and can express his wishes openly. Value integrity, intelligence, kindness.
F-15539-NY Email or Postal DJF (strong identification but nonreligious), 65, young at heart, bright, funny, loves to laugh, think, talk, listen. Proud NYC HS teacher, classic film addict, dancer for fun and fitness seeks loving, honest, kind man to laugh with, talk with, think things over with, and listen to. I know you're out there. There's lots to do; maybe we can do some of it together.
F-15536-WI Email or Postal Climate-change fighter, writer geek, engaged human seeks other with whom to share this journey. Enjoy all the regular good stuff: hiking, reading, writing, movies, cooking, cycling, anything near water (especially sailing), coffee, tea, wine, and especially good company. Rather discuss than fight, although some things are worth fighting for. A homebody, I like to get out, too. Life has changed recently; hope to travel more.
F-15535-NY Email or Postal 66, slender and fit; bright, genuine, dry wit. Love jazz, NPR, and dark chocolate, not necessarily in that order. Lifelong learner, love to travel and have adventures. Prefer outdoors to indoors, fond of urban landscapes and out-of-the-way places. Semiretired social worker, now enjoying writing, dancing, and playing the flute. Seek a man of grace and compassion for a LTR.
F-15534-MA Email or Postal An invitation to a conversation.... I'm spiritually Buddhist, culturally Jewish, 58. I am inspired by social justice and self-determination; they inform the work I do. Seeking someone who values loving kindness and someone whose emotional vocabulary is well developed. My heart is open. Gratitude and daily spiritual practice are important to me. Laughter permeates the process of putting my intention for connection out here....
F-15533-PA Email or Postal Energetic, caring, playful, meditative (sometimes), retired educator, late 60s; I enjoy gardening, reading, cooking, swimming, hiking—and just good, quiet conversation. I'm drawn to environmental issues, restorative justice; I would love to meet a curious, thoughtful, open-minded man who values emotional warmth and would like to share ideas and activities. I'm in Pennsylvania, but may move, possibly to New England.
F-15531-PA Email Only Look and feel much younger than my 68 years! Semiretired nurse seeking easy companionship and laughter. Love my home / family, traveling all over, the ocean, nature, and friends. Spiritual but not religious. I teach yoga, am in great shape, down to earth, adventuresome, enthusiastic, left leaning, curious, and easygoing. Seeking a man with similar traits who is fun, secure, honest, in good condition, smart, and openminded.
F-15530-VT Email or Postal Outgoing, caring potter and community activist, 67, loves family, friends, meeting new people, and living in the Green Mountain state. Interests include hiking; kayaking;, snowshoeing;, gardening; going to movies, concerts, and plays; reading; spending time with family and friends; and traveling. Seeking friendship, companionship, and possibly more. I am open to seeing what develops.
F-15529-OH Email or Postal, 57-year-old woman seeks intelligent, spiritual man who enjoys deep conversations, great laughs, and the wonders of art, music, and nature. An evening with al fresco dining, great wine, live music (classical to jazz to rock all fine depending on the mood), and a moonlit walk sound perfect. Looking for the right man to enjoy it with. Interested?
F-15525-NY Email or Postal Vibrant, attractive, divorced, recently retired attorney. Love yoga, forest and ocean, opera, theater, movies, jazz, reading, animals, my trip to the Galapagos. Enjoying my 70s with my wonderful Cairn terrier and by remaining actively connected to the world, its folks and issues. Kids grown and independent. Hoping for a loving companion and full relationship. Still have curves in the right places. You won't be disappointed.
F-15523-NY Email or Postal Warm, thoughtful, irreverent Jewish-Buddhist, happily living an urban life but open to travel. Psychotherapist, often teacher, always student. Young, 72, meeting life as it comes, and it comes richly. I love music, theater, dance; deeply value relationships, solitude, humor, exploring the unexplored, the play of language, commitment to world citizenship. Want to be loving, engaged partner. Seeking same.
F-15522-MD Email Only DWW, nondrinker (I've had enough, thank you), 56, seeking easy companionship and laughter. Love my home, gardening, sports, traveling, the outdoors, especially the ocean. Classical musician, but enjoy most types of music. Love my two old cats. Dogs are OK, too! Responsible, insightful, well traveled, articulate, and good-looking seeking the same in a man age 50-65 with whom I could be comfortable dancing.
F-15521-MA Email or Postal 59, semiretired teacher of young children, soul of a dancer, world traveler, kind, truthful, sensual, courageous. Favorite moments: swimming in the warm, moonlit lake, hiking Berkshire cobbles, witnessing my children graduate college, drinking coffee and reading in the morning sunlight, still moments of yoga practice, picking and cooking greens from the garden, listening to live music, and dancing. Looking for love, companionship, and joy!
F-15520-NY Email or Postal Seriously concerned with beauty of small moments, with a humorous way, kindness, down to earth social responsibility. 67 yrs here, petite female elementary teacher, thrilled by other people's inspirational passions, and my own, for children, books, culture and the arts, artistry, humor, beauty, nature approach to the world. I care to share, laugh, walk, talk, listen, reflect.
F-15518-MA Email or Postal Hoping to learn about someone's heart and mind and share my own. Wishing to connect to someone who likes to share through writing. 46-year-old mother, adjunct professor of justice studies and mental health case manager missing the joys of childhood. If you'd like to talk, please write or email me.
F-15516-MO Email Only DWF, nurse, West coast transplantee. Pushing 60, yet don't look a day over 59! Love the mountains (oops - this is St. Louis); novels, New Yorker; indie, folk, hip-hop music; burgeoning progressive movements; and two fledged sons. ISO more-than-friends, steady but not glued at the hip. Have adopted STL, yet visit SF haunts several times a year. Ciao.
F-15515-IL Email or Postal I'm vibrant, smart, loving, curious, funny, warmhearted. Patient advocate, author, mostly left-leaning, love helping people; a great listener. Play guitar, sing (folk, blues, Russian, Yiddish). Want to meet warmhearted, loving, curious, compassionate, intelligent, caring, passionate mensch, 60 to 75, a best friend to share life and help make the world a better place. Willing to relocate.
F-15513-OR Email or Postal Cerebral type; understand, appreciate men. Well exercised and put together, attractive, good listener, witty, sensitive, caring, upbeat 70ish woman. Lived on four continents, plus NYC, Chicago, SF, Seattle; currently call Oregon home. Authored book on violence, work with homeless, political activist. Wide interests: music, ballet, art, books, politics, economics, history, travel, more... Like to connect with man with similar passions.
F-15505-AZ Email or Postal University professor, 5'11" and 57, widowed mother of wonderful emancipated son. I'm youthful, slender, athletic, enthusiastic, healthy, intelligent, thoughtful, respectful, generous, playful, empathic, and open-minded. I love making a difference in my students' lives and believe we all have something to contribute to this world. Seeking a man with similar traits who embraces life, full-hearted love, growth, and long-term possibilities.
F-15503-IL Email or Postal Grew up inside civil rights movement: once a radical, always... Active in my rural Jamaican community plus Evanston, IL. Writer, retired teacher, love country life interspersed with city; into photography, art, walking, dancing. 5'9", WW of 12 years; youthful, attractive 65. Mom, grandma of close but scattered clan. Passionate about life. Friendly, honest, natural.
F-15499-CA Email or Postal "Would you like to swing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar?..." OK, OK, tells you where my age is, but that's life! Happy to find someone willing to discuss everything from molecular reactions to alcohol to promotion but utter absence of leadership in governments / corporations. Love the beauty of wild weather, music (classical, jazz, funk), analyzing films, almost anything organic. Favorite philosopher: Nietzsche (universal, enduring). Still practicing part time.
F-15496-WA Email or Postal I would treasure a loving relationship but, given my age and solitary interests such as reading / playing the stock market, you might prefer friendship / sharing living space /helping each other? Or how about corresponding on national / international affairs, politics, economics? If you can make me laugh, I am interested: 74, 5ft, 105lbs, quiet, kind, loving, nonjudgmental, educated and intelligent but not sophisticated / intellectual, Good listener.
F-15495-NY Email or Postal Vibrant brown-skinned woman, committed to social justice. Psychotherapist who loves jazz, rhythm and blues, '60s music, dancing, and biking. Art lover. Seeks loyal man (60 plus) with heart for friendship / loving relationship.
F-15494-DC, NY Email or Postal City girl. Attractive, vibrant woman, loves city life. Meaningful day job, but an artist at heart and have been exhibiting in NYC and Washington, DC. Varied interests including movies, gallery and museum exhibits, running, Pilates, yoga, urban hiking. Youthful attitude, attended college and graduate school in the late 1970s. Vegetarian. Looking for a longterm relationship.
F-15493-NY, MA Email or Postal I am passionate about life, people, and making a difference (head of not-for-profit). I look forward to sharing with you my love of outdoors, healthy lifestyle, independent cinema, and endless possibilities of thinking outside the box. Life is good and will be sweeter with a playful companion, younger or older than my youthful 62. Spiritual but not religious.
F-15491-WA Email or Postal Kind, enthusiastic, always learning / teaching - history, languages (Spanish); meditation, music, sports, dinner parties, social service, Bridge / board games. Taught abroad 25 years in Asia, Europe, South America, Mexico. Fascinated by international news. Seek physical contact, massages, loving companion similar in outlook - alive and kicking at whatever age with sense of humor. Could relocate but have nice furnished house here in Spokane.
F-15490-CT Email or Postal Architect by day, artist by night; improvisational music and mythopoetics my latest passions. Mother of adult daughter, son, and daughter-in-law. Sophisticated and earthy, born in 1960, educated in NYC. Raised kids, creatures, and vegetables on small New England island. Loyal, tenderhearted, brave, funny. Love adventures, far and near. Looking for playmate who is comfortable with joy, vulnerability, and authenticity in relationship.
F-15489-CA Email or Postal Seeking seasoned, aware, concerned, creative man of integrity with whom an educated, unencumbered, seasoned, aware, concerned older woman might share a cup of kindness and a few of life's pleasures. Knowledge of, or familiarity with, the works of Darwin, Selye, Bion, Weissenberg, and Bosendorfer a decided plus.
F-15488-MA Postal Only Slim, fit, 65-year-old female outdoor enthusiast. Loves walking, hiking, biking, boating, and traveling. Looking for someone of similar age and fitness for companionship and for sharing of environmental and societal concerns.
F-15486-FL Email or Postal I need a buddy for the end of the world: someone brilliant, fun, and kind. I'm looking for someone hopeful who remembers how great life is even though we're in these aging bodies; someone who has fought off cultural hegemony. We are just two people struggling to remain happy in an irrational system. I'm looking for someone intelligent, even though we live in Florida.
F-15485-WA Email Only Easygoing writer in mid-50s. Politically progressive and open-minded with a healthy sense of irreverence. Interested in ideas, history, arts, and culture. Dedicated amateur musician. Enjoy the natural world and exploring new places, particularly on foot, bicycle, or cross-country skis. Seeking an unpretentious, compatible man with a sense of humor who is well informed and an original thinker.
F-15477-NY Email or Postal I have lots of energy and lots of things I still want to do: explore Paris again, discover Malta, Guernsey, new movies, Mets games, solve politics over drinks. Looking for a man around 70 with a curious mind and a strong sense of humor to share these and other adventures with. I fill many exciting hours researching and writing a biography.
F-15475-NY Email or Postal Firecracker seeks match. I'm a professional singer / guitarist / songwriter, 68. Smart, pretty, slim, brave, loving, loyal, lively, left activist, funny, educated. Enjoy adventures, traveling, walking, conversation, dancing, yoga / meditation, art / music / films / books / nature. Formerly married w/out kids. Have taught English / History H.S. to university level. Seeking committed partnership with man of integrity, passion, loving heart.
F-15474-NY Email or Postal Artsy, petite, youthful-looking, just turned 60, animal lover. Former theater artist, current arts administrator employed full time. Warm, down to earth, smart, funny, silly. Theater, music, film, and cuisine lover with eclectic tastes. Avid reader (when there is time) and news junkie. Love travel, nature, kids, and my dog, Tulip. Seeking kind, intelligent, easygoing man for LTR. Sense of humor a must.
F-15473-NY Email or Postal Widowed two years; four of eight beautiful children at home. Optimist, loving, kind, patient, 5'6", writer / reader, reiki, bodywork, dance, cook, portrait / wedding photographer. Gluten-free baker / organic-raw / mostly vegetarian cook! Painting, sculpture, museums; outdoors (hiking, camping, gardening, soccer, swimming, skiing), travel! Seeking single healthy, addiction-free, natural-living, kind, patient, well-educated, tall, handsome, athletic, creative man, mostly vegetarian, loves children (none of his own), 35-53.
F-15470-MD Email or Postal Energetic, progressive social activist who is passionate about peace on the planet and is a circle keeper. Loves jazz, good wine, rainbows, grandsons, cuddling, massage, yoga, nature, and living simply in her country home. Enjoys travel (goes to Central America as often as possible), practices earth-based spirituality, is a Friend over 60 and still young in body and spirit.
F-15462-NY Email or Postal Forever young, DWF successful film editor, worldly; comfortable in the city and the country. Pretty and fit. Politically (left) & ecologically minded. Loves animals and children. Daughter off to college in California. Time and desire to share the arts activity, yoga, and travel. Very intelligent and cultured.
F-15461-NY Email or Postal I am a lifelong progressive, supporting community health worker programs in New York and West Africa. I am warm, adventurous, fit, energetic, and an inveterate optimist. Want a similarly active, socially progressive partner, to join in exploring New York or other great cities of the world on foot, adventurous vacations, making music, cooking, hiking, biking, kayaking, XC skiing, or birding.
F-15460-NY Email or Postal Transplanted Quebecoise, 62, for now in Brooklyn. After much personal growth, life is increasingly joyful, meaningful, and exciting as I get older. Still wanting to keep reaching further despite the challenge of a great but overfull work life. Looking for the possibilities that good conversations, cooking, gardening, and maybe dancing together offer in friendship or in love relationship.
F-15458-CT Email or Postal Health care ethicist and spiritual counselor, 61, serving veterans, the elderly, and rehabilitation patients. Mother of adult daughter. Introspective, but meet people easily. Sensitive, warm, funny. Love walking in NYC; most kinds of live music. Thrive on conversation and humor. In search of friend and partner to share joys and trials of life. Value connection most. Desire to know and be known.