M-15701-MA Email or Postal Fit healthy leftist atheist, athletic, cyclist, dancer; kind, bookish omnivore nutrition chiro, 70,6', 180, concerned with sustainability, racism, and more. Into Beethoven, ballet, museums, film, cooking, nature, and laughter; seek same. Prefer pet free. Cross between Jack Lalanne, John Cleese, and Richard Dawkins.
M-15698-NY Email or Postal I am a clinical social worker, avid reader, who enjoys getting out to nature, hiking, bicycling. I volunteer, helping those in need in the community. I enjoy developing gentle friendship.
M-15695-CA Email or Postal A time of mandated meditation, possibly? Abide with one’s self instead of running busily away? Friends report new varieties of dreams. Memories of those we used to know; the wish to reconnect. A hope that society can grow up. Neighbors on my tree-lined street yearn to resume what I think of as the abnormal. 76, San Rafael.
M-15690-MA Email or Postal Healthy in every way 72-year-old male living off the grid; 35 years employed farmer and sugar maker looking for a woman in my age range for a renewal of love. Born and raised in Narrows, Virginia (Southwest Virginia), BS in biology from Virginia Tech. Married; three kids grown; divorced 1999. Likes left side of the liberal spectrum. Bird-watcher, cross-country skier with many trails in my backyard.
M-15687-CA Email or Postal I'm 79, in fairly good health. Now and then I think about how I want to be remembered: "He cared to have an open mind and an open heart. He cared to follow his bliss and encourage others to do the same. He cared to keep his spirituality up close and personal. He fought the good fight for progressive causes."
M-15686-PA Email or Postal Playful, paradoxical, passionate, openminded, down-to-earth, slim, attractive, energetic, professional male. Enjoys humor, irony, and heartfelt conversations. Varied interests include theatre, art, music, Buddhism, dancing, outdoors, especially travel. Uses meditation, yoga, aerobics to stay fit. Seeking warm, communicative, intellectually curious woman, 60-75, who values emotional closeness, and the challenge of coming from the heart, and a partner.
M-15682-NY Email Only I’m an active 74, semi-retired, close to my two grown children, a lifelong labor activist and part of a lefty chorus. I’m looking for a strong, intelligent, and funny woman to share walks in the woods, games in the evenings, and laughter and warm touching all the time. Let’s walk this road together.
M-15678-NC Email or Postal A good listener. Midwesterner at home in the mountains. Values connection. Goes beyond binary to third ways. Enjoys poetry. Understands that life is a gift, and all about relationship.
M-15674-NY Email or Postal 32-year-old Hispanic-Jewish (nonobservant) attractive male, with strong convictions and sense of humor. I teach and coach at a middle and high school that fights the classroom-to-prison pipeline. Committed to social justice and my students; I enjoy music, sports, travel, movies, good conversation, spending quality time with friends and family. Ready for commitment, marriage with the right woman.
M-15670-MA Email Only 75 years old, avid golfer; love to read, work outdoors. Like dining out, traveling. Want to meet attractive, accomplished woman (my age) within 30 miles of Great Barrington.
M-15660-NY Email Only Retired widower seeks intelligent conversation and companionship to share forest walks, good food, cooking; coconspirator in civic education projects, discussions about current writing. Open to new experiences, learning new things, exchanging life stories. Decades of interdisciplinary college teaching, wide experience in international organizing and leading cultural discovery trips to India, the Greek Islands. Come visit my unique self-built mountaintop house.
M-15656-NY Email Only Passionate and Compassionate: Single Jewish man, 60, in NYC. Politically progressive and active, directs a worker rights advocacy organization. Loves film, travel, art, bookstores / reading, the seashore (especially Maine), music. Tall, fit, caring, sensitive, well educated (Cornell and Oxford). Seeks vibrant, intellectually curious, progressive woman for explorations, companionship, relationship. Ready for new possibilities!
M-15646-ME Email or Postal I am a warmhearted, sincerely caring, affectionate, trustworthy, compassionate, peaceful, wholesome, intuitive, empathic, soulful man, born in January 1958. I am an inspirational published author, and do occasional adult education teaching. I enjoy quiet times and simple activities such as meaningful conversation, long walks in beautiful nature, volunteering, progressive social activism, reading, and inspirational creative arts and crafts.
M-15645-NJ/NY Email or Postal Restless creative spirit, empathetic and endlessly curious, fine art photographer, iconoclastic thinker, jazz pianist, lefty activist and blogger, off-the-grid traveler, literate in French and Italian, omnivorous reader, gallery/museum habitué and art reviewer. In robust health, adventurous eater and cook, mostly vegetarian. Seeks bold, creative, female companion to share culture, travel, conversation, outrage, laughs and more. 5’6”, youthful 71.
M-15643-NJ Email or Postal Octogenarian widower, nondrinker, never smoker, seeks woman companion who enjoys organizing, yard sales, politics, writing, walks, organic foods, Ping Pong, bridge, massage. I’m quiet, hate loud noise, shy, slim, gentle, politically liberal. Adore Warren and Sanders. Very concerned about global warming and pollution. Active in open space and historic preservation. Live with daughter, bunny, cat.
M-15641-MA Email or Postal Gentle man, youthful 64, average build, would love to build home for likeminded woman. Ideally, she is honest, smart, respectful, down-to-earth, 50s yet youthful, 5'7"ish, slender to average, with a touch of class, a certain look, and the It factor. Both of us are Caucasian, Catholic, and have no children. And what we both seek is the right connection.
M-15634-NY Email Only I'm a 68-year-old man greatly invested in the inner life of the mind but also enjoy modest creature comforts and value emotional intimacy. Exercise regularly and pursue spiritual renewal by writing works of philosophy, creating computer art, listening to my favorite music, supporting progressive politics, maintaining durable friendships, telling jokes, and being as kind as possible even to those outside my immediate social circle.
M-15631-MO Email or Postal To paraphrase "The Far Side": “The world’s climates are changing, the [Neanderthals] are taking over, and [apparently] we all have a brain about the size of a walnut.” Are you “seeking a friend for the end of the world?” Prefer rapprochement to relentless reproach? Good. Let’s hold hands, raise a glass, and laugh and love until the sun goes down.
M-15630-PR Email or Postal I am a Spaniard established in Puerto Rico, living in the countryside north coast close to San Juan; healthy, 5'9", 195#, 62, engineer still active, cat lover. Interested in permaculture, philosophy, spirituality, gardening, and the arts. Idealistic in seeking passion and a life companion.
M-15595-NY Email or Postal Warm, imaginative, honest SBM, 5'10", 178#, athletic build, NS, ND, 60+, passionate about progressive causes, eclectic musical tastes from Coltrane to Seeger, seeking emotionally mature woman of any race who is intellectually curious and wants a serious relationship (distance is no obstacle).
M-15591-SD Email or Postal Introvert who enjoys being around people (sometimes). High school teacher. Enjoy travel, other cultures; lived overseas twice. Enjoy discussing ideas, books, politics, science. Spiritual, but not religious. Athletic, enjoy mountain-bike riding, hiking, sailing, snorkeling. Good sense of humor, commitment to social justice. Beloved 8-year-old daughter lives with her mom. DWM, 51. Would like to meet vibrant woman ~40-55 with similar interests.
M-15583-NY Email or Postal Because it gives an equal chance to all combinations of programs, not just parties, RB is simultaneously most just and most free. Because of its shining light in the eyes of the world and because it always picks the one most in the middle, RB is more top-dead-center counter-extremist than all the many recent retrenchments combined.
M-15568-CA Email or Postal Greetings. I seek a caring loving spiritually conscious individual who is young in spirit. Age is not important. I'm an activist at heart and dedicated to making a difference in this world. Stats: 5'10", 190#, Caucasian, vegetarian, 46 years old, average build, Gemini, monogamous, adventurous, look younger than my years. If you feel we match, I would love to hear from you! :)
M-15561-NJ Email or Postal DWM, youthful 67, high school teacher, attractive, down-to-earth former community activist. caring, unafraid of intimacy, good listener; like travel, photography, music, movies. Seeking healthy, fun-filled partnership, with curious, somewhat adventurous, sensual woman (52-62) ready to explore with a view toward mutual commitment. Value honesty, compassion, humor, an open mind, affection, and communication.
M-15550-NY Email or Postal Youthful 72, 5'8", NS. Single parent. One son (Brookline). College teacher. Climate crisis activist. Physically fit (yoga, taiji, hiking, etc.). Healthy lifestyle. Thrive on time in nature, intimacy, friendship. Self-aware, listener, communicator, emotionally available. Loyal, tender, affectionate, supportive, passionate, playful. Enjoy family, thoughtful conversation, nature photography, engaging drama and movies, museums, classical, folk, blues, reading. Let's talk.
M-15549-NY Email or Postal SWM, 54. Might seem reserved at first (I'm introverted), but always extremely honest. Reportedly cute, though with some extra pounds and lots of salt in my hair. Writer, but earn my rent (sometimes barely) by fixing typos. Politically socialist; aesthetically global. (Came of age as postpunk, but love old Hindi film music!) Seeking SF, similar age, any race or ethnicity, unconventional but emotionally commitment-minded.
M-15548-NY Email or Postal Political activist; swing and salsa dancer; documentary filmmaker; student of constructive conflict resolution techniques; love Sondheim, baseball, the American Songbook / Rock and Roll / Afropop; insatiably curious across diverse disciplines, learning from Michael Pollen, Gloria Steinem, Karl Marx, Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Martin Luther King; age 64; northern Manhattan; dependent on public transportation.
M-15540-CA Email or Postal DWM (66, 5'8", 180#) in Sacramento area seeking F 50-70 to enjoy company or more. Retired recently from job working for labor union. Still adjusting to increased time on hand. Not religious (not denying spiritual importance), politics are left, enjoy robust conversation, and the quiet contemplation.
M-15538-CA Email Only DWM, PhD, retired psychotherapist, nonprofit exec, and academic. Easy going and fun loving – active, optimistic, romantic, politically liberal. Likes other cultures, live music, dancing tango and salsa, foreign film, biking / hiking, learning bridge, traveling, good conversations, cooking, private time. Seeks alchemistic woman for friendship and love.
M-15537-PA Email or Postal Cab Driver / Songwriter / Poet / Cat Lover / Compassionate to a fault / Articulate / Auto-Didactic (sure) / Introverted and Stubborn (lol) / Anti-Capitalista / Social Media enthusiast looking for S or D/F 35-60, preferably an artist, musician, or writer for LTR. I love reading and writing about politics, economics, subverting the dominant paradigm, and finding great chord progressions.
M-15528-NY Email or Postal Sixties survivor, still able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Thought I might mellow with age, but haven't. Love children, dogs, books, trees, Mary Oliver, James Baldwin, Tolstoy, Ireland, and anyone who tries to bring a little joy and happiness into the world. Hoping to find someone who likes single malt and good conversation.
M-15517-NY Email or Postal I am a divorced man, 66, with two daughters, both here in NYC. I've led an interesting bicoastal life, somewhat off the beaten path. I'm starting a new teaching job in the fall. I am hoping to make a connection on various levels – emotional, intellectual, and physical – with a woman who feels that there is a potential for developing a long-term relationship. Interested?
M-15512-MD Email or Postal SJM, 63, with good sense of humor, good heart, and left politics who still wants to change the world. I like the outdoors, long conversations, books, and music and am fit and active. Looking for good times, companionship, maybe more, with politically and emotionally aware woman who is a good conversationalist, intellectually curious, kind, and not cynical. No long distances please.
M-15511-NY Email or Postal Human and animal rights advocate, physically and mentally fit, slim, 5'8", 70+, vegetarian, dog lover, liberal, agnostic, nonmaterialistic; former network newswriter/editor/producer, now retired in upstate NY but could relocate anywhere. Enjoy nature, walking, hiking, canoeing, reading, classical music, jazz, blues, movies, meditating. Somewhat introverted but enjoy being with like-minded people. Seek kindred spirit who could possibly love me and my rescue dog.
M-15510-NY Email or Postal Born in 1941. I'm a democratic socialist documentary photographer. A politics and world news addict. 25 years as staff photog at a NYC public sector union. Keys to my happiness: my brother, my dogs, my photography and traveling. Looking for travel partner and friend. Next stop, Barcelona.
M-15509-NY Email or Postal DWM, 64, retired NYC teacher, in decent shape. Progressive, '60s peace activist, at long last at peace with myself. Love to laugh, able to cry. Like listening to and making music, mountain biking, snowshoeing, cuddling by the fire. Want to explore the universe, yet cherish coming home. Caring, faithful, a good listener. Seeking compassionate, loving, healthy, NS, ND, best friend / partner.
M-15500-CA Email or Postal I'm 75 - what now? I resonate to Maggie Kuhn, Kristen Neff, Joan Erikson, Chiang-Tzu, and Tennyson's "Ulysses." I want to be a mensch who, though responding openheartedly to suffering, prizes love, happiness, and fulfillment, and the courage to go for them. There must be more to life than "aging gracefully." Can we blend our dreams?
M-15498-NY Email or Postal Widower after 50 years of paradise, boyish 82, full-time working physician, supportive children. Lifelong passion for ideas, arts, sciences, issues. Healthy, fit, gym rat since climate change made it too windy to bicycle. Committed environmentalist, Jewish nonbeliever, old-left relic at heart. Looking for mature woman with overlapping interests to share experiences, intimacies, feelings, who hopefully enjoys Bach, opera.
M-15497-VA Email or Postal CIA brat. Making people laugh makes me feel warm inside. Somewhat a news junkie, as history (favorite subject) made now. At 73, ex-waterskier, flew hangglider. Single parent raised daughter; three grandchildren here whom I love very much. Love to discuss any subject except religion. Humanist agnostic like Mark Twain. Would share why humanism important! Write poems, paint at times. Marianne Faithfull, Neil Diamond....
M-15492-NC Email or Postal WJM, 63, slim, spiritual on Jewish path, intelligent, intellectual, epidemiologist. Aspires to LTR. Values justice, tolerance, respect, integrity, fidelity, kindness, honesty, community. Enjoys cutting / splitting / stacking firewood with hand tools, reading, theater, music, history; conversation, contemplation; people, solitude; learning, teaching; quiet, nature, praying, meditating. ISO woman who deliberately avoids putting toxic chemicals on / in her body / home, any age/race. (I'm not MCS.)
M-15484-MA Email or Postal Medical doctor, psychiatrist, professor, masseur. Empathy and integrity. 59-year-old man, slender, Caucasian, tall. No smoke. I never drank alcohol. I never used drugs. School at Stanford University. Meditator, yoga teacher. Enjoy Hermann Hesse, chess, Aaron Sorkin, David McCullough, Walter Isaacson.
M-15481-OH Email or Postal DWM, active 87-year-old looking for someone with whom to share interests and activities. Not fussy about age. Activist in environmental, political, energy issues. Serious about classical music. Enjoy art, scenery, conversation, good food, companionship, including companionable silence, and reading. Retired from helping profession. Not obese, ex-smoker. A life high point was graduate school.
M-15476-RI Email or Postal Facts: SWM, 54, 5ft4. Marathon runner, vegetarian, Peace Corps past. External (been told): generous, fascinating, energetic, unique, sincere. Internal (my opinion): loyal, dependable, honest, open, unconventional. Attitude is everything. Upbeat; looking for special friend to experience the world which begins every day we step out the front door. Enjoy ethnic foods and burning calories, music, travel. Trying to minimize my footprint on this Earth 24/7.
M-15467-NY Email or Postal Retired from career in education that took me to remarkable places, geographic and in terms of service. No stranger to arts; spend days trying to keep up with what I have planted, buzzing around the countryside (top down), looking after assets, traipsing in the wilderness. Enjoy travel, vertical and geographical. Easy with people. Try not to take self too seriously. Seek vibrant, pretty, bright, sensual friend.
M-15466-GA Email or Postal African American male, mid 70s, extremely fit (seem 20 years younger, I am told; is that braggadocio?) Intelligent, well-read citizen of the world who is for justice no matter who it is for or against. Great sense of humor, do not take myself too seriously. Like all things cultural; volunteerism, empathy, civility. Tennis. In search of True connection. Will travel.
M-15465-NY Email or Postal Attorney / political activist, 64, attractive, clean cut, 5ft10, trim / fit, divorced long ago without children. Idealistic, passionate but clear-eyed, optimistic, sagacious, ardent liberal politics, more traditional cultural tastes (serious classical music devotee, etc.), exceedingly dry wit. Seeks woman of similar mien for conversation, shared cultural excursions, whatever might ensue.
M-15464-NY Email or Postal 57 years old, looking for ongoing companionship living the questions presented by embracing radical interdependence of all beings and divine presence in all experiences. At home chop wood, carry water, feel earth mother barefoot. In community tending delicate seedlings of nonviolence and restorative responses to conflict, Celebrate, grieve, play in various ways, sustained by compassion, curiosity, sense of belonging.